Mold remediation protocols

MOLD Protocols

ARCO remediation Protocols 


ARCO Service LLC. remediation protocols used do not include
sanding or fogging of areas that may contain mold spore activity and moisture
content that would allow for mold spore bloom and mold spore contamination
spreading throughout the remediation area. 

The ARCO standard application process will be used on all surfaces

 Specified areas of this proposal ( garage, rooms, attics, basement, storage

closets, or storage rooms, etc.) will have their surfaces hand scrubbed with a
fungicide if the field project manager and technicians finds this first step
necessary for complete remediation. Upon completion of the wiping/scrubbing
where necessary, the specified walls/areas, will have the anti fungal product applied
to help in the prevention of mold spore bloom and re-occurrence.


Exposed wood frame/sheathing materials with visual mold spore bloom and growth will be
scrubbed, clean and sealed with a microbial solution and encapsulate as needed.


The specified areas to be treated must have all known leaks, from interior or
exterior sources, repaired or addressed to keep re-occurrence of contamination
and growth. Any and all repair, maintenance, and corrections that must be
addressed, is to be conducted by others (Not ARCO, LLC.) including the
installation of sealants.


Moisture levels must be maintained below 60% relative humidity or 16% moisture
content in building materials and surfaces to insure that mold spore activity
beyond acceptable levels does not occur or re-occur in the specified areas.


ARCO Services LLC. is not responsible for maintaining moisture
levels or conducting moisture level remediation at this or any other site.

The ARCO mitigation clearance is based upon the area(s) in
question having proper ventilation. Without ventilation Mold activity may reoccur.

The minimal standard PPE of N-100 respirator or better, tyvec coveralls, neoprene
gloves, and full eye/face protection will be used by the ARCO Technician(s)
on site. Sings posted indicating MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES - HAZARD-DO NOT ENTER will be posted.


Prior to the mitigation project commencing each field technician will be instructed
as to the exact scope of work and the delineated areas of the mitigation


At the conclusion of the mitigation process all field equipment and materials will
be removed from the mitigation project site.


All exposed surfaces that may not be directly part of the specified mitigation
process in basement or attic areas (such as the HVAC equipment) will be hand wiped
with an anti Fungicide product (Sporicidin, etc. or equal) as much as is possible to eliminate the possibility of
cross contamination.


The mitigation products and encapsulation products used by ARCO will have an odor. This

 Odor should be cleared within 24 hours as the products dry and seal the effected surfaces. Work not included in this normal remediation application and cleaning process proposal will include but not be limited to:


        The ARCO technicians on site will conduct a visual review of all surfaces and determine the treatment of  surfaces. 

   (Drywall  removal and/or replacement may be conducted by ARCO services with specific approval and cost acceptance by the                                       owner in fee of the specified property) or the removal of these items may be conducted by others.                                   

  • Removal of any gypsum, wood or other materials that do not appear to have visual
    mold spore contamination. The ARCO project supervisor on site will visually review
    all surfaces and determine the need for removal of or treatment of these surfaces.

  •         Repair or replacement of any wood material, structural element or mechanical equipment, piping, wiring,
        etc. Any damaged materials, either by dry rot, moisture rot or other reasons for damage or the removal, repair or                    replacement thereof will not be conducted by any member of the AES Technical staff nor will ARCO be responsible for            those repairs, removals or replacements or the costs there of in any way. 

  •    Removal and disposal of existing on site rubbish, clothes, rugs, furniture, materials of any type and
       or unused mechanical  equipment that have been or continue to be within the mitigation zone. 
       process commencing by othersThese all must be removed  prior to any  remediation
  •    Installation of dehumidifiers other than what may be used by ARCO during the remediation
       process. Repairs of all leaks, however, must take place prior to dehumidifying any space.

  •    Debris containers, such as dumpsters used in the storage or removal of any debris from this site.
       Other than those  required by ARCO to conduct the mitigation of the space, surface or equipment.


Each specific area to have mitigation conducted will be delineated. No additional
mitigation will be conducted without the expressed permission by the property
owner in fee or his/her representative. Additional fee proposal will be
presented to the client. No additional work will be conducted by ARCO Services until all
additional work is approved and the additional fee is accepted and agreed upon
by said client.



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